15 November 2007

In progress, 36x60

I ran out of small canvases yesterday, so i'll be focusing on big pieces until i get my next shipment in a few days. This one is getting there, but i just realized how skewed this composition is when i saw it on the computer screen. This studio is too small for me to step back far enough to really get a feel for the big canvases. This range (the Anthracites) is my favorite to paint because of its graceful lines, but Smith Hill (the dark mass on the right, and one of several Smith Hills in the greater valley) always presents this compositional problem. I'll be tweaking the light and debating the comp the rest of today and tomorrow. I think i can play with the light enough to stay true to the actual composition of the valley. This one is far enough along, however, for me to start spinning the Leonard Cohen tunes... for some reason i always like to finish paintings to Leonard Cohen. Don't ask why. The finished piece will be on http://www.zthurmondfineart.com in a few days.

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