19 February 2008

Patterns, 8x8, Acrylic/Canvas

For some reason I tried to do this entire piece with a single brush. That was stupid of me.
to a collector in Abbotsford, BC


Anonymous said...

I paint with Acrylic paint too, and your paintings give me hope that I will actually be able to paint really well in acrylics *some* day. (Some people seem to think acrylic is bad)

Keep up the good work! Your paintings are beautiful!!

Mean Jean said...

After trying 3 times to paint birch trees I truly appreciate how stunning yours are. I'm ready to try again.

kay Crain said...

I think the result is beautiful! I use the same brush for a whole painting a lot of the time....or maybe just two. I just keep wiping them and swishing in water. (I use the water miscible oils.)