21 July 2008

Sixth and Jackson (dusk), 6x8, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

The Jackson Street silos again, just off of Main in Moscow. This is the view from Hawg's Grill. I've never eaten there, but Hawg was nice enough to help me push our old VW when it died right in front of his place. This is one of my favorites.

to a collector in Moscow, ID


Anonymous said...

This is a really interesting one. I like the limited color selection and the scale. The green really pops!

Bruce Docker said...

Hey Zack, I spent some time looking at your paintings today, I really enjoyed it. I've seen most of your paintings before, but I hadn't taken the time to view them all at once. It does take some time. It's a body of work to be proud of. I makes me want to paint more. Later, bd

Zack Thurmond said...

Hi, Bruce.
Thanks for the kind words! I've spent a couple long sessions looking through your blogs before, and I've really enjoyed your style and vision. The work is great, and I always look forward to your titles, as well. The titles alone are a creative spark! Take care.