20 October 2007

Full Sun, 5x4, A/C

Cadmium red is a dangerous color.
to a collector in St. Louis, MO

16 October 2007

Latah County Grain Growers #2, 5x7, A/C

Seems like we are losing 10 minutes of light each evening.


to LaFortune Silent Auction

in Moscow, ID

15 October 2007

60x36, in progress

I'm working on some large pieces for my Crested Butte gallery, in preparation for the coming winter season. This is day two on this piece...my biggest canvas yet. Look for the completed piece on http://zthurmondfineart.com in a few days.

Latah County Grain Growers, 10x8, A/C

Old tracks leading to yesterday's shipping containers.


to a collector in Chelan, WA

12 October 2007

Switchtrack and LP Tanks (dark), 5x7, A/C

Trains and tracks fascinate me. They remind me of my grandfather. He loved trains, and when I was little he had the raddest train set in his basement. He died in 1995, when I was at the perfect adolescent age to completely miss the gravity of death. This is just before dawn on a dead spur next to our house. This one came out blurry no matter how many times i shot it so i gave up and posted it like this.