29 January 2008

Moscow Cow, 7x5, Acrylic/Canvas

I'm leaving to catch a plane in a snowstorm in a few minutes, so I thought I'd re-post this piece that I'm kind of fond of. My posts will probably be sporadic for the next ten days or so, but thanks for looking!
to a collector in Edmond, OK

28 January 2008

Portal, 8x8, Acrylic/Canvas

Tomorrow I'm off to Missouri to meet my new niece. I thought about that a lot while I was painting this today. Maybe there's some correlation there. Or maybe it's just a painting of clouds.
to a collector in Abbotsford, BC

26 January 2008

Oh-Be-Joyful Creek, 7x5, Acrylic/Board

Tried to loosen it up a bit from yesterday's post. I recently started doing these little dailies on gessoed board instead of canvas, and I'm amazed at the different feel. The stroke goes right where you want it to.

25 January 2008

Shadow Rising, 6x6, Acrylic/Canvas

I love how the sun seems to drip down the mountains in the morning, and to evaporate up and off of them in the evening. "Sun-up" and "sun-down" in reverse, I guess. This one was tough in this small format.
to a collector in Oro Valley, AZ

24 January 2008

Silver Lining II,8x8, Acrylic/Canvas

Sticking with the skyscape theme for another day (why not?). This is actually a trial run for a commission, but I'm pretty happy with it. Skies are always fun, and sometimes I think they take a back seat in some of my landscapes. They shouldn't.


to a collector in Fort Collins, CO

23 January 2008

Strand Hill Lonesome, 20x16, Acrylic/Canvas

I've been homesick of late, so here is one from my neck of the mountains. This is in the Brush Creek drainage, just south of Crested Butte, Colorado. One of those special moments when nature flips everything on ear.

22 January 2008

17 January 2008

Gunnison River Autumn, 12x12, A/C

I'm waiting for a shipment of surfaces to arrive, so in the mean time I thought I'd post this older piece that shows more of that "push the paint around" attitude I was looking for a few posts ago.
to a collector in Little Rock, Arkansas

14 January 2008

Paradise Creek II, 7x5, A/C


to a collector in San Antonio, TX

Old Paint, 7x5, A/C

The old McConnell Mansion in downtown Moscow, with old ads painted on the bricks. The storefront is a wine bar now.
to a collector in Moscow, ID

12 January 2008

Paradise Creek, 7x5, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

This little creek runs from headwaters on Moscow Mountain right through town.


to a collector in San Antonio, TX

11 January 2008

06 January 2008

03 January 2008

Steam Plant, 8x10, A/C

The wood-fired steam plant on the University of Idaho campus.
to LaFortune Silent Auction
in Moscow, ID