31 March 2010

Forest Texture

24"x48", Acrylic/Canvas
Spring growth in the Ruby Range.
Click the image for a larger view.

29 March 2010

Tomichi Creek

5"x7"', Acrylic/Canvas Panel
Tomichi Creek meandering along the foot of Tenderfoot Mountain. This is a very lazy, pleasant stretch of water within walking distance of our house in Gunnison. I'll be trying to get back in the painting groove to get ready for a show in September at Centennial Galleries in Ft. Collins, but I need to do some serious lighting adjustments in this cave of a studio.

26 March 2010

24 March 2010

Aridity #2

8"x6", Acrylic/Canvas Panel

The Onion Creek area of southeastern Utah.

to a collector in Loveland, CO

14 March 2010

Cottonwood and Cattle

7"x5", Acrylic/Canvas Panel

Cattle in Gold Basin, underneath Sawtooth Mountain...the most shape-shifting mountain I've ever seen.

to a collector in Little Rock, AR

12 March 2010

Mill Creek in June

22"x28", Acrylic/Canvas
I've painted this creekbend in every season, and it always seems to feel familiar and different at the same time.

06 March 2010

Evening of the Shortest Day

24"x36", Acrylic/Canvas

The Gunnison River on the winter solstice. This was along my old school bus route when I drove for the Gunni school district. I actually parked the bus (all the kids were safely delivered home) and trudged down to the bank to do a color study. The study was 8x10, I think, and it was absolutely terrible, because the paint was freezing on my brush. It looked more like a used palette than a painting, but there were a few smudges of icy acrylic mud that were more or less the right colors.

03 March 2010

01 March 2010


30"x40", Acrylic/Canvas
A larger piece that I've been sitting on for a while. I rarely paint aspens in frontal lighting, because I think the fun is usually in the reflected light in the surface shadows...but man, do they glow when the sun hits them, eh? This is near my favorite campsite in the West Elks.