25 October 2009

Edward Hopper's Coffee, 16x20, A/C

This one is five houses ago, at my old cabin. That kitchen had great light. The floor was bare concrete, painted turquoise, which sounds awful but really wasn't. It worked. I still have that mug. For the record, the perspective is skewed on purpose. I wanted it to feel like you were going to fall into the mug. Not sure if that worked, but i like the light. I remember being on a Pthalo green kick with this one, especially in the lighter shadow and the highlight on the edge of the sink. Strange what we remember at random, eh?

to a collector in Jenks, OK

24 October 2009

Above Gothic, 7x5, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

I've been buried in a large winter painting lately, so i thought I'd go green for a day. This is a meadow above Gothic, CO.

to a collector in San Marcos, CA

20 October 2009

18 October 2009

Congregation, 48x24, Acrylic/Canvas

You'll never convince me that they don't speak to eachother, but I do wonder what they talk about. I'm sure it's a fascinating conversation.
to a collector in Carbondale, CO

17 October 2009

The Thinking Tree, 6x6, Acrylic/Canvas

Man, trees really are the best conversationalists....even dead ones. This lightning-struck old veteran watches over one of my favorite thinking spots, high up in Hartman Rocks, with a watchful eye over the valley floor a few hundred craggy feet below. There is a concave boulder resting near this guy that is more comfortable than any sofa you'll ever find, and it is a wonderful place to sit, think, and breathe. I've carried a photo of this spot around with me from move to move, and it has had a permanent spot next to my easel. Looking at it always makes me think about, well, thinking. Thinking like you can only do in places like this.

16 October 2009

Raining Light

9"x12", Acrylic/Canvas

The last few leaves directing light across the forest floor.

to a collector in Simsonville, SC

15 October 2009

Waves of Light

6"x6", Acrylic/Board
Late-day patterns in the West Elks.
to a collector in Boca Raton, FL