28 March 2008

The Meeting, 24x36, Acrylic/Canvas

This cluster near Farris Creek has always amused me...it seems like the four on the left are having an intense discussion, while the other five are anxiously awaiting their decision. Or maybe like a defensive line waiting for the huddle to break.

to a collector in Ridgeland, MS

26 March 2008

Backdrop, 7x5, Acrylic/Board

Springtime and the mud that accompanies it make me daydream about the canyons of southeastern Utah. My husky ends up dyed red for weeks when we camp here.

to a collector in Scottsdale, AZ

23 March 2008

Slate River field study, 24x24, A/C

This is the trial run for a much larger painting. The big piece can be seen on my website, http://www.zthurmondfineart.com/.
to a collector in Denver, CO

12 March 2008

Wrong Way Alley, 7x5, A/C

The time change is pretty dramatic this far north....the low light gets here in the middle of the afternoon. I've been watching the alleys for a while now, and i liked this one because of the light on the utility poles. I left the dumpsters out, but now i kind of miss them. $100 + $7 shipping


to a collector in Washington, DC

07 March 2008

Brake Light, 8x10, Acrylic/Canvas

Still waiting for my panels...I think FedEx is messing with me. This is from my last road trip.
Red lights mean "put the camera away and apply the brakes." Live and learn.

06 March 2008

Brush Water, 10x8, A/C

I ran out of panels...again. So here's one from a while back.
Strange to use a brush to paint itself.
to a collector in Bluffton, SC

03 March 2008

Grove Light, 7x5, Acrylic/Board

I think the title says it all. It's always reminded me of stained glass.
to a collector in Petoskey, MI

02 March 2008

The Road Home, 7x5, Acrylic/Board

Okay, so this isn't really the road to my home, but some lucky bastard lives there. And I like to think my home is up there in that blue paint, with the rocks and aspen groves and thin air.

to a collector in Playa del Rey, CA