11 June 2008

The First Few Flakes, 6x8, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

I've been chased down this valley by more rain, hail, and snow storms than I care to count. I remember snow-shoeing up here on an absolutely bluebird day a few winters ago, when the typical afternoon puffers combined into a boiling wall of cloud over West Elk Peak. I bounced back down-valley to the trailhead, feeling chased the whole way. On the short drive back to Ohio Creek, the shadow from the front literally passed me. I was driving about forty miles an hour, and it swallowed me. I watched it move down my hood and speed up the road to the west. In my rearview mirror there was nothing but a swirling vortex of white and gray...no mountains, no sky, no road. Not only did the thing pass me, but it managed to drop about two inches of snow in the five minutes it took me to get back to pavement. That weather was possessed. And it was wonderful.

to a collector in Woodland Hills, CA

06 June 2008

Fall Sketch, 20x24, Acrylic/Canvas

I've finally gotten my studio set up in our new old house. It seems like the light in here will be decent, which is really all that matters. This is another painting of the grove on Swampy Pass, which is probably the best leaf-peeping hike in the world. Check my website for more aspen work.

04 June 2008

Predawn, 9x12, A/C

I wish i was strong enough with color to knock it back like the good tonalists do. This would be a stronger piece had i focused on a complementary underpainting, but overall i like the feel of it. New ground for me.

to LaFortune Silent Auction
in Moscow, ID

02 June 2008

In Progress, 48x60, Acrylic/Canvas

I've spent most of the last week roughing this one in. That, combined with the fact that we moved this weekend and that our computer froze for three days, has kept me from posting. This one might be at 80%...I'm not really sure. The values need some work. This is the biggest canvas I've worked on, and I'm not sure if it will fit in my jeep to take to the gallery. I could measure, but i prefer to just cross my fingers. Email me if interested in the finished piece.