30 March 2009

Field Writing

8"x10", Acrylic/Canvas
The blue and orange of a Palouse afternoon. The wheat seems like it's lit from within when it is even slightly backlit...I think Van Gogh was on to something. This is a commissioned piece to mark this combine's last run.


28 March 2009


6"x8", Acrylic/Canvas Panel
My paintings always seem to be about the landscape, regardless of the subject matter.
to a collector in Moscow, ID

07 March 2009

Gothic Valley Summer

12"x16", Acrylic/Canvas

This is a strange canvas size...too big to be little, but too small to be large. I usually jump from 5x7 straight to 24x36+, and this was a little out of my comfort zone (which was never very comfortable to start with). At any rate, this is the Gothic Valley above Crested Butte, looking into the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness area. You can see peaks shift towards the ruddy color that the Maroon Bells are so well known for.

to a collector in Moscow, ID

03 March 2009

02 March 2009