28 May 2008

Declination, 36x36, A/C

I'm working on a 4' x5' landscape this week, so the dailies are kind of taking a backseat. This is one of my favorite aspen pieces of one of my favorite aspen groves, completed last winter.

to a collector in Crested Butte, CO

20 May 2008

Railway to Heaven, 8x6, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

Okay, so that's a stupid title. However, "Railway to the back of the Subaru dealer" doesn't have the same rythym to it. I think this is my favorite of the dailies so far.

to a collector in Moscow, ID

15 May 2008

Red Bed and Flyover, 8x10, Acrylic/Canvas

I've been on the road alot lately. I liked the contrast of shapes in this one. This is I-15 north-bound again, between Salt Lake and Ogden. Rush hour traffic there is a pain, but the light is good this time of year if you are dumb enough to look while driving. I am. Have you ever tried to navigate in heavy, stop and go traffic while looking through a camera lense? You probably shouldn't.
to a collector in New York, New york

13 May 2008

The Painted Ceiling, 7x5, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

A rare flash of an emerald horizon over the Washington border...there and gone again.

12 May 2008

Utility 2, 5x7, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

I might have to start a second blog for these skyscapes...if I do I'll link to it here.


to a collector in Skaneateles, NY

07 May 2008

Aridity, 6x8, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

Sunrise on a sagebrush sea. Say that a few times fast.

to a collector in Moscow, ID