30 August 2010

Expanse #2

7"x5", Acrylic/Board

Paradise Ridge and wheatfields from the University of Idaho arboretum.


26 August 2010

Autumn Gold

48"x36", Acrylic/Canvas


An especially vibrant grove on a bluebird day in the Little Mill Creek drainage. This grove is outstanding every year.

24 August 2010

Turnstile, 5x7, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

A rancher's turnstile on a trail to the Gunnison River.

to a collector in Oro Valley, AZ

18 August 2010

Beef Barn #9, 6x6, A/C

A barn on the University of Idaho campus.

to a collector in Oro Valley, AZ

17 August 2010

Three Windows, 5x7, A/C

I don't get to use a bold green very often. I find that Ma Nature's green is usually shifted one way or another on the wheel. That's why this plywood door caught my eye. This is another building on the new-development chopping block. Is it just me, or does it kind of looks like it's yelling at you?
to a collector in Oro Valley, AZ

16 August 2010

Time and Space, 8x6, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

Watching the darkness of space recede towards the zenith as a new day begins. It's mind boggling to think of all the motion involved here...driving at a certain speed, beneath clouds that are moving at their own pace, chasing the sun as it arcs across the sky, all on a spinning earth, each going in its own direction, like cogs driving each other around. And somehow it all stays together. You think about odd things when you drive a billion miles a year. I think this one would be fun on a six foot canvas.

to a collector in St. Louis, MO

14 August 2010

Sixth St. Sunset, 8x6, Acrylic/Canvas Panel

Downtown Moscow at dusk. I liked how the traffic lights echoed the scalloped sunset.


to a collector in Little Rock, AR

07 August 2010

Pasture Light, 5x7, A/C

I almost left the cow out of this one to focus on pure horizon, but my cows always need work so i threw it in. As a "western artist" (whatever that means), i find that, regardless of how much i observe, draw, and paint them, cows and horses are just plain weird.

05 August 2010

Jackson Street Silos #2, 6x6, A/C

I love painting these old silos, but i feel like i have trouble showing their scale. I thought i would try this old cinematography trick to give a sense of their height. I may have gone a little far with it, but it was fun anyway.

04 August 2010

Six String and Sunflowers, 24x24, A/C

I've always really liked the simple composition and brushwork of this one. This was about seven or eight years and apartments ago... strange to think about. My husky was young then, and she systematically destroyed that couch. She unstitched the piping and ripped the arms down to the particle board frame. Oh well...it was an ugly couch anyway. Still have the guitar. And the husky.

03 August 2010

Rising Shadows, 6x6, A/C

I left out the caravan of RVs on the valley floor. I think it would be a much more interesting painting with them, but i couldn't bring myself to do it.

to a collector in Columbia, MO

01 August 2010