27 January 2011

Upstream, 5x7, Acrylic/Board

This is the Taylor breaking free from this winter's record snowfall. I'm feeling this one out for a larger canvas.


20 January 2011

Palisades #4

5"x7", Acrylic/Gessoed hardboard
West Elk Breccia being cut by the Gunnison River.


to the permanent collection at Western State College of Colorado

09 January 2011

Nu Art and Nimbus

8"x6", Acrylic/Canvas Panel

A bruise-colored sky over Moscow's Main Street.

08 January 2011

The Shoulder Season, 6x6, A/C

I've painted a ton of autumn scenes over the years, but they have always been aspen groves or riparian cottonwoods. I like these dark, bare trunks because they are unobscured by form-masking foliage. I've always liked the Klimt-esque feeling of a bare forest. This was fun.