29 April 2010


36"x24", Acrylic/Canvas

The Sangre de Cristo range, with late sun igniting Kit Carson peak. This is on the climb to one of the million "Willow Lakes" that dot the Rockies, underneath all the "Sheep" and "Bear" mountains and "Castle" peaks. I think their names might deserve a bit more thought. My favorite mountain names are actually along the Russian River in Alaska...."Right Mountain" and "Wrong Mountain". That's just funny to me. Speaking of names, I'll probably change this title when I come up with something more eloquent or clever.

I've really been trying to push the foregrounds lately, and these sunlit rocks quickly became my favorite part of the piece.

28 April 2010

Silver Lining Over Ohio Creek

36"x24", Acrylic/Canvas

Autumn weather over the West Elks.

to a collector in Columbia, MO

15 April 2010

07 April 2010

First Light, 7x5,A/C

Look at me trying to be a tonalist again.
to a collector in Crested Butte, CO

05 April 2010

Color Field Cumulus, 48x36, Acrylic/Canvas

It felt good to put some miles on the bigger brushes. This is on gallery wrapped canvas, and I think I'll paint the edges of it. I was a bit stumped on a title for this one. The trifurcation of colors reminded me of Rothko, if not the colors themselves. As always, I reserve the right to come up with a more clever title.
If interested, shoot me an email at zthurmond@yahoo.com for details.

01 April 2010


7"x5", Acrylic/Canvas Panel

Trying to loosen it up a bit. This is a runoff chute in Glacier National Park.